hey friend!

here's a little bit about the girl behind the camera.

My name is Hannah Allen. 

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Phoenix, Arizona.

I grew up all over the world. 

I grew up in Paris, Tokyo, Memphis & Baltimore!

I actually got my Bachelors degree in Interior Design. 

I have worked in the design industry for about 4 years now while simultaneously starting my photography business.   

I'm obsessed with pasta (and any type of carb for that matter), thunder storms & netflix.

(that one is all in bold because it is very, very important)

I looooove people. 

I love that before a photo shoot I can be completely strangers with someone but by the end we are best friends.

I'm a bit quirky. 

I am always striving to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, so if I act a little silly during our session, it's just to ease any type of nerves!

I am a firm believer in body positivity and that we should all love ourselves just as much as we love other people.

self-love and care is so important and as people in this world today we get a lot of pressure to act, look & be a certain way.

well, I want to change that.

you are unique and beautiful and I want to capture all of your unique attributes.

photography is my passion and I am so lucky to be working in my dream profession every single day.


photo creds to the amazing Eden Strader Photo